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LeadLink - Postcards

LeadLink helps you send listed and sold postcards in less than a minute! Integrated with your MLS, each time you add a new listing or one of your listings sells and closes, the program automatically creates postcards for you to send to homes around the property.

  • Listed and sold postcards are prepared for you!
  • The mailing list to nearby homes is created for you.
  • Sending your postcards is as easy as clicking on a link.
  • View reports to see how your postcards perform.
  • Postcards are only 88ยข each, including list and First Class postage!

LeadLink postcards include UV coating, first-name personalization, and unique codes for tracking responses.

LeadLink Social - Facebook Ads

LeadLink Social makes targeted Facebook real estate ads fast, easy and effective. In a matter of seconds, you can launch Just Sold, Just Listed and New! Open House Facebook Ads! Our program automatically generates and launches your Facebook ad campaign, and delivers leads to your inbox in real time. On average, these automated campaigns can generate up to 28 new leads and 3,900+ views - all starting at $69.

Reach more leads around your listings and sales with targeted Facebook Ads we manage for you.

You are already set up with LeadLink

LeadLink email notifications are sent to you each time you enter a new listing in the MLS or one of your listings closes. If you are not receiving the emails, log in to your iMail account and ensure that your correct email address is shown under "My info."

All Weichert Affiliates already have an iMail account that includes LeadLink and LeadLink Social.

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